Your Nuts Trail 2020

The Nuts Trail is the only long trail combining sporting achievement and historical immersion in the heart of the incredible Battle of the Bulge.

Some strategic points:

Bastogne | Departure | MARDASSON

The runners are greeted with great fanfare. A SHERMAN tank fires a cannon shot. This is the start of an extraordinary adventure.

E Coy of 101° ABN

The positions of this famous line of battle were immortalized by the "Frères d'Armes" series.


Night descent in the Mabombré valley and long, slow ascent to the plateau des Tailles and its magnificent area of submerged fens.

La Roche-en-Ardenne

Daybreak and you descend towards La Roche, overlooking this beautiful fortified town, an important road junction and military objective during the Battle of the Bulge.


B17 crash site | Cheslé

After reaching Maboge and the crash site, you dive into the sumptuous valley of the Ourthe for a technical and demanding portion.

Bastogne | Château de Roley

After battling for a few more hours with the difference in altitude, you again approach the defensive perimeter of Bastogne through the Château de Roley, where the Germans had tried to break the Allied defensive apparatus.

Drop zone

You cross the Allied supply drop zone and then you enter Bastogne, as Patton breaks the German encirclement, to reach the finish line in an atmosphere of fire.

Your ingredients throughout the race



101 Km

3500 D+

4 UTMB points

56 Km

2000 D+

3 UTMB points


23 Km

300 D+


10 Km

100 D+



65€ (01/01/20 au 31/03/20)
75€ (01/04/20 au 24/06/20)
85€ (from 25/06/20)

The rate includes:

  • Cap « Nuts Trail»
  • 1 beer
  • 2 starters on MARDASSON
  • Various partner gifts


!!! Limited registrations !!!


The donations and part of the profits from NUTS TRAIL will be used to support current or former members of the Belgian Special Forces and their family members in times of adversity, in tribute to their courage, dedication and sacrifice.

Practical information


  • Mémorial du Mardasson : Route de Bizory 1 660 Bastogne

Important schedules:

  • Friday, June 26th
    • From 12.00 pm: collection of participation packages and collection of race numbers (all distances) at the Mardasson.
    • 21h30 : Departure 10 Km from the historic city centre
    • 24h00 : Departure 101 Km
  • Saturday, June 27th
    • From 06:00 am: Withdrawal of bibs (56 Km and 23 Km) and possibly of the t-shirt.07h45 : Départ des navettes depuis MARDASSON vers La Roche
    • 09h00 : Departure 56 Km to LA ROCHE-EN-ARDENNE
    • 13h00 : Arrival of the first (101 Km) at MARDASSON
    • 16h00 : Departure 23 Km to MARDASSON (BASTOGNE)
    • 24h00 : Arrival of the last participants (101 and 56 Km)


  • No cup on the supplies (56Km and 101 Km)


  • A checkpoint is also provided at each supply station. The purpose is to ensure that all participants have successfully passed this checkpoint. Be sure to walk on the mats. If not, the organizer will assume that you are having difficulties and need them, then they will try to contact you.

Stopping of the race:

  • If you have to leave the competition, go to the nearest supply station where a shuttle will be ready to take you back to the MARDASSON . In any case, ALWAYS make sure to inform the organizer of the emergency number that you will find on the back of your bib!

Place of departure and deposit:

  • Mardasson : Route de Bizory, 1 6600 Bastogne
101 KM:
  • Departure : Friday 26/06/2020 at 24:00
  • D+ 3500
  • Base camps in La Roche (Relief bag to be dropped off at Le Mardasson)
  • Refreshments : 5 + Arrival
  • Intermediate time barrier:
    • Base camps in La Roche : 27/06/2020 at 11:00 a.m.
    • Gives (Rav 5) : 27/06/2020 at 09:00 p.m.
  • Final Time Barrier: Saturday 27/06/2020 at 11:59 p.m.
23 Km:
  • Departure: Saturday 27/06/2020 at 4:00 p.m.
  • D+ 110
  • Refreshments 1 + Arrival
10 Km:
  • Departure: Friday 26/06/2020 at 9:30 pm
  • Historical urban night run
  • Refreshments 0 + 1 Arrival

Place of departure:

56 Km :
  • Departure: Saturday 27/06/2020 at 9:00 am
  • D+ 2200 • Refreshments 3 + Arrival
  • Intermediate time barrier:
    • Gives (Rav 3) : 27/06/2020 at 9:00 pm
  • • Time barrier: Saturday 27/06/2020 to 23h59
  • GSM with organization number
  • Blanket
  • Whistle
  • Strapping tape
  • Lamp + batteries
  • Min 1L water reserve

!!! Control possible during refueling. !!!

Friday: June 26th from 12:00

  • All participants can also pick up their bib number and possibly their T-shirt on Friday 27th of March between 5pm and 8pm at Le Mardasson (Route de Bizory,1 at 6600 Bastogne).

Saturday, June 27th from 6:00 am: Come in good time as the shuttle buses will leave at 7:45 am sharp.

  • Allow time for:
    • Return your bag to the locker
    • Remove your bib
    • Take off your shirt, if you bought one
Numbers will not be sent by mailpost, you can present an e-ticket (print or smartphone) on Friday 26/06/20 between 4pm and 11pm or on Saturday from 6am until 30 minutes before the last race (4pm).


  • Personalized for the 101 and 56 Km until the deadline
  • Reusable for 23 and 10 Km
  • The race of your choice
  • 2 entrances to the Mardasson (101 and 56 Km)
  • 1 beer
  • 1 cap (101 and 56Km)
  • Cloakroom and shower:
    • Sports Complex of porte de Trèves (located at 1,5K)
  • Free deposit
  • Quality supplies
  • Finisher gift
  • Results directly online
  • Chrono
  • In order to reduce the impact on nature as much as possible, drink supplies will be made exclusively with reusable cups .
  • Bring your cup, water bag or canister to use at the refreshment stations. There will be no disposable cups at the 101 and 56 km fueling stations.
  • A reserve will be provided for the 23 and the 10 Km.
  • There will only be scratch podiums.
  • The first 3 men and first 3 women to cross the finish line will be rewarded. The net time will only appear in the online results. It is therefore important that fast runners, who are aiming for a good place in the scratch, get in front!

Shuttle for the 56 KM: Fee = 5€/person

  • Participants will be transported by bus from Le Mardasson on Saturday 27th June at 7.45 am for an extra charge of 5€.
  • There will be no shuttle bus after the race to bring back the participants who would have gone directly to La Roche.

Cloakroom and shower:

  • Location :
    • Shower at the Porte de Trèves sports complex located 1,5Km Rue Gustave-Delperdange 0, 6600 Bastogne


  • Location :
    • Mardasson : Route de Bizory, 1 6600 Bastogne (race start)
  • Operation:
    • Double numbered label:
      • 1 for your bag
      • 1 for your bib
    • Retrieving your bag:
      • You show your bib + label
    • Will not be accepted:
      • Pieces of clothing and plastic bags are not accepted, only closed sports bags are accepted.
Bib with a chip
Start = Starting the stopwatch
Carpet at each refueling and at the finish line
  • Each participant accepts by completing registration to be photographed, the photos can be used for the promotion of the event without special request.
  • If a participant does not wish to be photographed, please mention this in writing at least 2 weeks before the event
  • REGISTRATION after June 14, 2020 = automatic authorization


Les sponsors du Nuts Trail : Groupe Bastin, DP Création, Décathlon de Marche-en-Famenne, Hotel Le Floréal, Lupulus, la Province de Luxembourg, Signé Jeanne, Woody-Wood et YnnovaSports.

NUTS TRAIL in numbers


A trail, a vision

The NUTS Trail is a sporting event with a historical, convivial and festive theme.

It aims to:

  1. Promote the duty to remember the values of courage, will and respect.
  2. To promote the Ardennes and its tourist value.
  3. Satisfy and respect the runner.

The donations and part of the profits from NUTS TRAIL will be used to support current or former members of the Belgian Special Forces and their family members in times of adversity, in tribute to their courage, dedication and sacrifice.

About us

When a military ultra trail enthusiast and a professional event organizer meet, the result is a trail out of the ordinary.

  • Olivier Dourte, military and ultra runner since 2003, finisher of the UTMB, PTL and la diagonale des fous.
  • Thomas Gillet is a lifelong lover of challenges and a professional event organizer.
  • Christian Stoffels, coureur expérimenté en organisation d’événements sportifs les rejoint dans l’aventure

Together, they create an incredible trail, tinged with history and memory, which plunges the runner into the heart of an exhilarating experience, that of the Bataille des Ardennes.

The Nuts Trail, a convivial and festive event, aims to promote the duty to remember, the values of courage, willpower and respect. It also seeks to promote the splendid tourist attraction of the Ardennes and to meet the needs and desires of the runners in a respectful manner.

In June 2020, Let's Run Together to Remember. A trail, the heart, the guts.